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From Robredo People’s Council (RPC)

Very important updates, sharing with you the volunteer toolkit with the following information: thanks , please READ, SAVE and SHARE with our VOLUNTEERS

  1. Google Drive Leni Robredo Resume/CV
  2. Google Drive Bakit si Leni? (Flier – General Achievements)
  3. Google Drive Bakit si Leni? (Flier - COVID Projects)
  4. Google Drive Bakit si Leni at si Kiko?
  5. Leni Robredo website
  6. Kiko Pangilinan Resume/CV
  7. Google Drive Gabay sa Pakikipag-usap (Gawa ng Insurers4Leni)
  8. FactCheck Philippines
  9. LawyersForLeni Free Online Legal Assistance Sign-up
  10. Google Drive Campaign Jingles (by Volunteers)
  11. Google Drive Leni Robredo Fliers (All)
  12. Google Drive Gabay sa Pakikipag-kapwa
  13. Google Drive Balangkas ng Pakikipagusap
  14. Google Drive Merchandise (Masks, caps, T-shirts)
  15. Google Drive Leni Robredo Komiks
  16. Google Drive Leni-Kiko Photos


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